The shocking secret why Chennai is the SaaS capital of India.
SaaSBooMi shows why Chennai is the SaaS capital of India.

SaaSBooMi — Shocking Secret on why Chennai is the SaaS Capital of India!

Prabin Samuel
3 min readFeb 8, 2020


Bangalore is the Silicon Valley of India. Do you believe that 40 influential founders from the SaaS industry travelled on a bus to attend an event in Chennai? You ought to. SaaSBooMi — Asia’s largest SaaS conference was held in Chennai on 24th and 25th of January 2020. SaaS founders across the APAC region participated in this phenomenal event organized by a group of founders of Chennai based SaaS Companies that serve most of the top popular brands around the world.

As the tag line says, SaaSBooMi is “For the founders by the founders” to create stronger SaaS ecosystem. Krish Subramanian (Co-Founder & CEO — Chargebee), Suresh Sambandam (Founder & CEO — OrangeScape) and Girish Mathrubootham (Founder & CEO — Freshworks) are the prime organizers of the event SaaSBooMi 2020.

Maheswaran Ramu — Founder & CEO of MSPKART.COM

Maheswaran Ramu is a budding entrepreneur in the SaaS industry. He is the founder & CEO of MSPKART.COM, a B2B Market place for Managed IT Services. He provides XaaS — Multiple solutions as service to Coca Cola — UK and much more international clients.

Maheswaran attended SaaSBooMi on the 2nd day and was excited to see the precisions on the knowledge shared by the SaaS leaders. He illustrates SaaSBooMi as the social event that helps all the developing companies around Asia to create a positive SaaS ecosystem. He was amazed by the way the SaaS leaders were self-effacing in sharing their wisdom on taking every SaaS entrepreneurs’ business to the next level. He said that, though he worked in many leading IT companies in the world he hasn’t seen any leaders like the speakers in SaaSBooMi, who were sharing their business secrets for the prosperity of SaaS business in Chennai.

Maheswaran’ joy knew no bounds when Girish Mathrubootham shared a selfie with him. He says though he has met many celebrities, he did not feel like sharing a selfie with them. But with Girish, everything changed.

Maheswaran’ shared a selfie with Girish Mathrubootham — Founder of Freshworks.
Selfie with Girish Mathrubootham at SaaSBooMi 2020.

Padmaja Karra — the co-founder of CashCnTRL, in her LinkedIn post, mentioned her take away from SaaSBooMi as there is no Magic Pill — try, make mistakes, fail, try again.

Nivas Ravichandran — an active organiser of SaaSBooMi, stated in his LinkedIn post that, almost 500+ SaaSpreneurs pledged their commitment towards the vision of building a stronger SaaS ecosystem.

On a final note, Prabin says . . .

The shocking secret why Chennai is the SaaS capital of India is, the selfless founders of SaaS companies are passing their success torch to the start-ups and developing companies in Chennai. They are making sure the success reaches all parts of the world and boosts the economy of India. What better success could we taste than the billions of users around the world look up to Indian market for SaaS products just because Chennai houses the top SaaS companies in the world. Events like SaaSBooMi makes sure Chennai retains its spot as the SaaS capital of India.

I feel that with this type of favourable SaaS ecosystem developing in Chennai, it would be no shock if Chennai becomes the SaaS capital of the world.



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