The EMMANUELS who are Saving COVID-19 People of Namma Chennai

Prabin Samuel
4 min readMay 16, 2021
The EMMANUELS who are Saving COVID-19 People of Namma Chennai
The EMMANUELS who are Saving COVID-19 People of Namma Chennai

The COVID-19 second wave has been tough on India. Chennai is facing one of the worst shortages in the country regards to beds, oxygen supply, vaccines, remdesivir, and what not!

Amidst these challenges and shortages, one family that has stayed together, strong and helped the city is “The Emmanuels

When life gets hard, don’t wish it to be easier; Decide to be stronger.

Grace Emmanuel Rajan and her family has been an epitome for this quote. From completing B.Sc. Visual Communication, and being an IAS aspirant to a life-safer for people in Chennai. It has been a very long journey for Grace Emmanuel.

Grace Emmanuel Rajan — I am sure this name would be familiar among people that are looking out for Normal, Oxygen, and ICU beds in and around Chennai. However there are three more Emmanuels who I would like to bring to your notice. Preethi Esther Emmanuel, Rebecca Priyanka Emmanuel and Pamila Emmanuel.

COVID-19 guidance and help from “The Emmanuels”
COVID-19 guidance and help from “The Emmanuels”

The Emmanuels have dealt with COVID for months and have battled it out with God’s Supernatural Grace. In this battle, they have lost 2 souls. But, never did they give up. They have come forward and are now in the field to aid people who are struggling to deal with COVID-19.

A few days back Grace Emmanuel Rajan seemed like a person who was one among the instagrammers reposting information via IG stories and posts to help COVID-19 affected people from Chennai.

However, the assumptions overturned in a few seconds and Grace Emmanuel was a frontline worker who posts stories with verified information about bed status and hospital vacancies around Chennai every few seconds.

Fight Against COVID-19 in Chennai

At the time of writing this article, Grace Emmanuel Rajan’s Instagram account was flooding with testimonials and feedbacks on how the family has helped several COVID-19 positive people in and around Chennai.

Celebrities like Kiki Vijay have appreciated the efforts of “The Emmanuels”
Celebrities like Kiki Vijay have appreciated the efforts of “The Emmanuels”

As the updates were regularly posted, her followers count was increasing rapidly.

People of Chennai are now well aware of whom to follow and get in touch with, if they are in an emergency need for beds, oxygen, and hospitals.

Moreover, celebrities like Kiki Vijay and popular doctors around Chennai have personally congratulated for the good work “The Emmanuels” have been doing since the rise of COVID-19 second wave in India

8 Helpful Diet for COVID-19 Positive Patients in Home Quarantine

Grace Emmanuel, with the guidance of her cousin who’s a doctor has prepared a simple diet routine for COVID positive patients who are home quarantined. Below is the list;

  1. Regular home cooked food
  2. Lots of fruits, vegetables and legumes
  3. Low-fat food
  4. High-fibre diet
  5. Chicken breast and fish
  6. Lemon juice, Milk with turmeric and garlic
  7. Soups with lot of pepper
  8. Nuts & dates as snacks

She has also added a disclaimer for Covid positive patients under oxygen support to not follow this diet at home but get admitted in hospitals and follow the respective diet routine provided in the hospital.

Gifting Ideas During COVID-19 Pandemic

Grace Emmanuel has even prepared a list of gifting ideas during COVID-19 pandemic. Here is a list;

  • Face mask (N-95/cloth/clinical)
  • Sanitizer
  • Gloves
  • Pulse Oximeter
  • BP machine
  • Glucometer
  • Thermometer
  • Hot water flask
  • Multi-vitamin supplements
  • Immunity boosting grocery (ginger, lemon, turmeric, and garlic)
  • Kabasura kudineer

We are in this Together — Grace Emmanuel Rajan

Moreover, if you are reading this and your dear ones are suffering from COVID-19, please feel free to get in touch with them here.

If you are inspired reading this good work of The Emmanuels, please head to their accounts and encourage them with a thank you note. Also do your part by wearing masks and going out only for essential works. Also, allow them to do their part hassle-free without any criticism.

Let’s all vaccinate, wear mask, follow social distancing and break this second wave and stop the third wave from destroying the human kind in India.

The horse is prepared against the day of battle: but safety is of the LORD — Proverbs 21:31

Author: Prabin Samuel — One among the thousands inspired through this courageous act of kindness.



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